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2008 Prairie Air Show - Peoria, IL

The Prairie Air Show organizers were taking a real chance when they moved up the date of their air show to the third weekend in April, from itís usual time in mid July.  The weather in central Illinois is not known for being very good at that time of the year.  When the Navyís Blue Angels call, and ask if you can accommodate them, you take that chance.  Unfortunately the weather played havoc with the show throughout the weekend.  Very low ceilings, rain, and high winds plagued the practice show on Friday.  The Blue Angels were able to practice a low version of their show, also Vlado Lenoch, flying Jim Reeds P-51D Mustang Excaibler, was able to fly for a brief time.  Saturday started much the same as Friday, rain, and ceilings too low to fly.  By early afternoon however, the rain had stopped, and the air boss Wayne Boggs was able to get all the performers in the air, with the exception of the US Armyís Golden Knights.  The ceiling never did get high enough for the team to safely jump.  The weather forecast for Sunday was bright blue skies. Well the weatherman was wrong.  The day started very foggy, again with ceilings too low to fly any aircraft.  It finally started to break about 1PM.  With the exception of a couple of acts, everybody was able to fly on Sunday.  The Blue Angels were even able to perform their high level show.

A big thank you goes out to air boss Wayne Boggs, who managed to get almost everybody in the air, and to announcer Rob Reider, who kept the crowd entertained during the downtime from the weather.  Thanks also to Tom Dittmer for arranging special photo access for www.fencecheck.com members.

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